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Engineering activity

We can offer our customers design and production of non-standard and non-catalog products, depending on their needs. If you need to make a non-standard sensor or an electronic device by job, do not hesitate to contact us.

Product development on your job

Do you need a non-standard sensor with different dimensions and technical parameters?

Replace your sensor with our analog

Tell us what your sensor is and we will offer you an analogue.

Diagnostics and repair

We offer our clients diagnostics and repair services for automation tools.

Metalworking services

CNC Lathes

STS Electronics has 2 lathes with digital programmable control with feeding devices for 3 m. and 1.5m. of RAIS company.

CNC Cutters

STS Electronics has milling cutters with digital control.

Universal cutters

STC Electronics has universal cutters.

Universal Lathes

STS Electronics has universal lathes.

Sand blasting machine

STC Electronics has a sandblasting machine.


STS Electronics has a guillotine.

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