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STS Electronics Ltd

One of the largest sensor manufacturers in Bulgaria

More than 25 years leader in the automation industry in Bulgaria

When did we start

STS Electronics Ltd. started its activity in 1990. in the city of Gabrovo - Bulgarian Manchester. The first sensors developed and marketed by just a few people are the Inductive series.

From this point onwards, the company expands its product portfolio by adding fiber optic, ultrasonic, magnetic and capacitive sensors to the family. The development and production of peripheral electronic devices such as timers, counters, power units and others have been developed to complement the automation process of our customers. With only three people at the beginning, at present 40 graduate engineers are now part of the company's team.

The organization of the company consists of 3 production departments specialized in specific areas of sensors, warehouse, marketing and sales, constructive and mechanical departments.

STS Electronics starts production activity
In 1989 four engineers from the Technical University of Gabrovo developed the first inductive sensor circuits, which announced the beginning of our activity.
Beginning of inductive sensors manufacturing
Due to market demand, the first products in the company portfolio are inductive sensors.
Production of optical sensors and CE certification
In the spring of 1997, the first "07" circuit was developed, which started the production of optical sensors. In the same period, the company certified its production under the CE standard
Capacitive and magnetic sensors, and electrical devices are added to the product range
Meanwhile, the necessities of the Bulgarian market forces the company's constructive department to develop and implement a series of Capacitive and Magnetic sensors and peripheral electronic devices.
Opening of mechanical department
The company starts producing alone the necessary housings and mechanical parts
Establishment of representation in Russia, Moscow
STS Electronics creates a branch of the company in Russia, Moscow.
Ultrasonic sensors join the products family
The first ultrasonic sensors developed by STC Electronics Ltd are "UD64" and "UDS63" - for object reading, level measurement and linear displacement measurement.
First International Distributor in Turkey, Bursa
The first international representative for STS Electronics is Electrotex, represented by Mr. Osman Guler.
Participation in European and Phare programs
Since 2007, the company has been participating in and winning European competitiveness programs and Phare programs to help improve its technical equipment. CNC lathes and milling machines, soldering stations, etc. were purchased.
Participation at an international exhibition in Munich
Since 2015, the company has participated every year in at least one German exhibition.
Participation at an international exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany
Since 2016, the company has been taking part in SPS IPC Drives every year for a specialized exhibition of sensors and drives.
Manufacture of semiautomatic labeling and dosing machines
The production of a new product range - semiautomatic labeling and dosing machines STS808 and STS809 was launched.

Technology and Certificates

In 2002, the company has implemented a quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2008 which is currently operating successfully. The certificate was issued by the German TÜV Nord.

We have won and are working on new Phare projects to increase our company's competitiveness and to meet internationally recognized standards, which has increased the trust of our partners.

The company employs highly qualified executives, 90% of whom have engineering education. The modern materials and technologies we use guarantee high quality and competitive prices for our products. Proof of this is the many certificates issued by various independent organizations.


All products are manufactured by the latest generation of Weller stationery, metal-cutting machines of the Bulgarian manufacturer RAIS.

We believe in

The policy of STS Electronics Ltd. is to have a fair and honest attitude towards its partners. Our goal is to have a quality and efficient service. It is important for us to be more than customers.

Our wish is to be our partners. We are always ready to respond to any constructive suggestions because removing any flaws is a step forward in the process of refinement.

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