photoelectric diffusive sensor M18 - ODD18
Optical reflective sensor М18 – ODR18
martie 12, 2019
Photoelectric through-beam fiber optic sensor in box54 – ODFB54
martie 12, 2019

Optical reflective sensors in box housing – ODR50,51,53

Photoelectric reflective sensors in box housings with different dimensions and sensing distance.

Technical parameters and connection schemes

Work in the infrared spectrum.

– Protection against back-up of the power supply.
– Overvoltage protection at inductive load.
-Regulating sensitivity.
-Light indication of working conditions.
-Communication element transistor.
-Availability of two outputs: „light” and „dark” switching.


– Supply voltage: 12 … 24 V (10 … 30 V) DC
-Main switching current: 200 mA DC
-Main current consumption: 40 mA
-Top max switching frequency: 100Hz
-Admissible illumination from disturbing light sources in the reception area: 5000Lx
– Insulation resistance:> 10MΩ / 500V
-Operation temperature: -10 … + 55ºC
– Moisture: RH 85%, without dropping
Storage temperature: 25 .. + 55 ºC, RH 85%
Degree of protection: IP 65
-Steel resistance: 10 … 55 Hz amplitude 0.35 mm
-Ight resistance: 49m / s2 (5g)
-Housing material ODRxxX311x: cylindrical-metallic – brass, chrome plated
ODR18X312x, ODR52X312x: plastic – ERTALYTE or PVC
ODR50X311x, ODR51X311x: box – aluminum
-Material of the optical part: glass
– Cable insulation: PUR polyurethane

Оптични датчици рефлекторни


Оптични датчици рефлекторни
Оптични датчици рефлекторни
Attention! Do not use organic solvents to clean the optical part!
In the sensor head area, the allowable torque for tightening the nuts is reduced by half! Allowable torque for metal housings M18x1 – 40Nm, M30x1.5 – 40Nm. Permissible tightening torque for plastic housings – 1.5Nm.