electronic timers STS102
Електронен таймер за време STS102-04A
март 15, 2019
photoelectric electric sensor ODB18I
Оптичен бариерен датчик М18 -ODB18I
март 15, 2019

Counter of motohours STS 105-08A

Controller for reporting the operating time of various machines and equipment, without the possibility of resetting. It is appropriate to take into account the warranty period and the maintenance periods. The display is 4 digits, displaying the jar 4 digits continuously (up to 99 hours and 59 minutes), and the top (100 to 999 900 hours) are indicated at the touch of a button. After four seconds, the junior digits are displayed again. The state of the display is indicated by two LEDs „x 100“ and „x 1“ – respectively when displaying the senior and junior digits. When the supply voltage is switched on, the meter immediately begins to read the operating time.