Two-channel counter STS805
Two channel counter STS – 805
March 12, 2019
Position sensor for solar tracker STS-410
March 12, 2019

System for seeder control STS 903-700

The system is designed to control and indicate the sowing process of trenches.
It consists of the following elements:
– processor block – mounted in the cab of the tractor;
– power cable with cable nozzles – for power supply from the on-board network of the tractor, unmovable on the part of the processor unit;
– connecting cable with plug in the middle – for connecting to the junction box;
– junction box – mounted on the seed drill;
– optical sensors – for seed readers mounted on each channel / row / ODS89P14, ODS90P11, ODS94P11 or ODS107P11 depending on the seed type;
– Inductive sensor ID18P1E1L for sowing rate reading;
– ID18P1E1L inductive sensor for raised seed drill / option /.

Technical parameters and connection schemes

1. Order directory.
2. Saturation of each line.
3. Set nominal saturation.
4. Speed of movement.
5. LED alarm indicator.
6. Power On Indicator.
7. Password input button.
8. Cancel button.
9. Zoom button.
10. Reduce button.
11. Move the cursor to the right.
12. Confirm button
In working mode, the speed of the seed drill (Speed) and the set distance (in centimeters) between sowing seeds / Density / are displayed. The relative density of each row is shown separately. The nominal saturation is set in the controller and, if the deviation exceeds 25%, an alarm sounds – sound and light for the respective line.
The system takes into account the sown seed and keeps statistics on the sown decares, sowing density / seed per hectare / and seed consumed for each row.
Access to the results of the statistics and change of the coefficient of saturation / distance between the seeds / is done by pressing button 7 and is password protected – the sequence of buttons shown in fig. At a time greater than 25 seconds between pressing a button, the system returns to the basic mode.
When a password is entered correctly, the following are displayed on the screen / f / 2:
1 line – sown decars and density
/ seeds per decare);
2 rows – seeding seeds in 6th row;
3 row – seeding seeds in 5th row;
4 line – seeding seeds in 4th row;
5 rows – seeding seeds in 3rd row;
6 line – seeding seeds in 2nd row;
7 line – seeding seeds in 1st row.
To the right of the display the symbols of the active buttons (8 and 11) are displayed.
By pressing button 8, the main operation mode returns, and button 11 switches to menu to change the nominal distance between the seeds in centimeters: 5cm-95cm / fig.3/. The left / senior / digit is highlighted and can be changed with buttons 9 and 10. Button 11 marks the right / junior digit and can be changed with buttons 9 and 10. Returning to adjust the left digit is done with button 8. Pressing button 8 again returns the system to basic mode without recording the changes!


TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: – processor block
Power supply: from the on-board network of the tractor.
– voltage 12 – 30 Vdc;
– Consumption <0.5 A;
– power cable 2х0,5мм2 3m long, non-removable on the side of a processor unit.
Inputs: 7xPNP, with screw terminals.
– INPUT 1 – seed signal from the 1st channel;
– INPUT 2 – Seed Channel 2 signal;
– INPUT 3 – Seed Channel 3 signal;
– INPUT 4 – signal from the 4th channel;
– INPUT 5 – 5th channel seed signal;
– INPUT 6 – Seed Channel 6 signal;
– INPUT 7 – signal traveled / signal elevated seed drill.
– graphical LCD display with total digital indication of seed speed and saturation – set and measured for each channel;
– ‘POWER’ LED (green) – presence of power supply;
– ‘SP’ LED / red / – low speed alarm / <1.0km / hour /;
– LEDs ‘IN1’ .. ‘IN6’ / red / – alarm for respective channel;
– audible alarm – common to all channels.
Electrical connection between the units: PVC cable 12x34mm2 with length 8m, non-removable on the side of a block and a junction box and with a plug in the middle *.
Dimensions and mechanical connection: according to the attached drawings.
Block material: plastic, chrome plated brass.
Operating temperature range: -10 .. + 50 ° C.
Operating humidity: 0 .. 80% RH, without drop formation.
Degree of protection:
– processor block – IP 54
– plug – IP 54
– junction box – IP 65
– seed sensors – IP 65
– inductive sensors – IP 65
Storage conditions:
– temperature – -20 .. + 70 ° C
– humidity – 0 .. 95% RH* The length of the cable and the position of the plug is negotiated with the customer.

Supply voltage: 10-15Vdc;
Own consumption: <0.1A;
Initial setting time: <1 second;
Output: transistor PNP with overload protection;
Maximum residual voltage: <1.5V;
Maximum output current: 0.1A;
Maximum switching frequency: 100Hz;
Dimensions of hole / active area /: according to the attached drawing
for each sensor;
Minimum Object: 2.5mm;
Indication: LED / service /;
Electrical connection: cable 3×0,25mm2 – 3 meters;
Mechanical connection: according to the attached drawing
for each sensor;
Dimensions: according to the attached drawing
for each sensor;
Material: aluminum;
Operating temperature: -10 .. + 60 ° C.
Degree of protection: Ip65;
Storage conditions:
– temperature – -20 .. + 80 ° C
– humidity – 0 .. 85% RH


Система за контрол на редосеялки STS 903


Система за контрол на редосеялки STS 903
Electronic devices are designed to operate in normal climatic conditions, in normal fire safety environments, without fluids and gases aggressive to the material of the enclosure.