Power supply block STS308
Power supply for four sensors STS306-4
March 12, 2019
Power Supply STS 306-2
March 12, 2019

Power supply for three sensors STS 306-3A

Power supply to three sensors – inductive, optical, capacitive or magnetic

Technical parameters and connection schemes


– Power supply to three sensors – inductive, optical, capacitive or magnetic.
– Four time intervals 1s, 10s, 1min, 10min with operational capability
setting within the range of 10% to 100%.
– Eight operating modes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
– When the input of one of the three channels is activated, the corresponding output relay responds depending on the operating mode and the time interval set for that channel.
– The type of inputs is set on request.
Inputs: – 3 x PNP or 3 x NPN, and a combination of these.
Outputs: – Relay – max 3Aac at cosφ = 1 (switching group – NO + NC).
Indication: – Relay outputs – red LEDs
– Programming – red LED “PROG”.
– Indication of triggered input – green LEDs
Power supply: 220 V AC +/- 10% 50 Hz
Own consumption: <2.5 VA
Housing material: Plastic – ABS
Dimensions: 86 x 69 x 58 mm
El. Connection: screw terminals, cable length – up to 2.5mm2
Operating temperature range: 0 ° C … 50 ° C
Degree of protection: IP 40 (IP 20 for terminals)
Mounting: on DIN rail



Захранващ блок за три датчика с осем режима на работа STS306-03


Захранващ блок за три датчика с осем режима на работа STS306-03

Channel Programming (Setting Mode and Time Interval)

Programming each channel is done separately – when power is off.

For first channel, switch 1 is switched on as Prog channel as shown above. Next, select the Select Mode switch and the Select delay time, then turn on the power. Once the parameters for this channel have been recorded, the “Prog” LED flashes, thus completing the channel setting, the other channels are also set – the power is switched off and the switches are set for the next channel – after the power is switched on, the parameters and for this channel, each channel can be tuned to a different operating mode and time
space. After the three channels have been tuned, the channel programming switches are down, as shown on the sticker. With this, the device is ready for operation, the setting is recorded in non-volatile memory and saved when the power is turned off. When the sensor is switched on, the corresponding green LED “Sensor” lights up and, after the set time has elapsed, the corresponding relay switches on or off depending on the operating mode, which is indicated by the corresponding red LED “Relay”.

Захранващ блок за три датчика STS306-03


Захранващ блок за три датчика STS306-03