Step motor controller STS426
Step motor controller STS 426
March 12, 2019
programmable controller STS525
Programmable controller STS 525 M01
March 12, 2019

Lighting controller STS-107-500

The device is designed to turn on and off lighting devices. When the illumination falls below a certain value (threshold threshold) and after the set delay has elapsed, the relay includes its contacts. This is indicated by the on / off LEDs – green and relay – red. When the illumination is above a certain value (threshold threshold), the action is inverse. The illumination is measured by a light sensor that is mounted so that no direct light on the illuminators is on it.


Technical parameters and connection scheme



Контролер осветление STS - 107- 500


Контролер осветление STS - 107- 500


working voltage: 220V ~ 50 / 60Hz
switching capability: 5A / 250V or 1250 VA – active load
range of sensitivity
threshold on / off: from 100 to 800 Lux
on and off delay time: from 1 to 255 s
relay: mechanical resistance: 20 x 100³ cycles
electrical resistance: 10 x 100³ cycles
Operating temperature: -10 ° C …. + 55 ° C
humidity: RH 85%
status indication
red: relay on
green: Indicates the switch below and above the thresholds
green: power
connection: screw terminals
Photocell connection: 5 m cable – 3 x 0.14 The electronic devices are designed for use in normal climatic conditions, in normal fire safety environments, with no fluids and gases aggressive to the body material.