Application of photoelectric sensors

Process control

With optical sensors, dozens of problems can be solved in the various production processes. For example, Reflective Sensors can detects the presence of a cap in the cap feed slot of the filler packing modules for wines, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Detection and counting of objects

Reporting or identifying different objects depends on a few basic things. What is the subject - the material it is made of, the distance you follow and the environment in which the sensor works. It is important for optical sensors the dustiness of the environment, the color of the material, and whether the surface reflects or not.

Quality controll

Some of the quality control applications are related to the presence of a cap on the bottle, the presence of a label on the container or other type of end-use inspection.

Linear displacement of foil or roll material

One of the specific products we produce is an optical sensor ODS63 through which you can monitor for linear displacement of discrete objects - such as foil, paper, and others.

Application of the ultrasonic sensors

ultrasonic level measurement

Level measurement

One of the most common applications of ultrasonic sensors is level measurement. Whether they have a key or analog output, they are a good level measurement instrument.

Lable detection

Thanks to the ultrasonic technology UDST87 you can report and use different label and base combinations. Unlike optical sensors, the ultrasonic sensor can monitor transparent labels on a transparent base or shiny and metalized labels on a transparent or paper based basis.
ultrasonic object detection

Object detection

One of the appropriate object reporting products in our portfolio is ultrasonic sensors. We have a full range of ultrasonic sensors with key or analogue outputs M14, M18, M30 and rectangular housings.