ultrasonic sensor UD73
Ultrasonic sensor with analogue output UD73A01-10
Μάρτιος 11, 2019
optical sensor diffusive ODD08
Photoelectric diffusive type sensor M08 – ODD08
Μάρτιος 11, 2019

Ultrasonic sensor with switch output UDT73

Ultrasonic sensor for long distances. Used for object registration or level measurement. The sensor detects the presence of an object in the range of 450 mm. to 10000 mm.

By means of a setting panel, it is possible to automatically define two switching limits that are used in three modes: Mode 1 – Switching point mode, Mode 2 – Window mode, Mode 3 – Hysteresis mode
Simultaneously two programmable outputs – PNP and NPN type.
Protection from back-up of the power supply
Protection of over voltage outputs at inductive load
Trigger protection of current outlets