counter totalizer STS203
Counter totalizer STS 203-08A
Μάρτιος 12, 2019
programmable counter STS211
Programmable counter STS211-06 one-line
Μάρτιος 12, 2019

Electronic tachometer STS 206-04A

The electronic cyclometer is a microprocessor device that serves to measure the speed of rotating objects. The indication is 4 digits, an LED with a height of 10mm. Allows to work with different types of sensors: spot, optical, magnetic, and the use of mechanical contacts is not recommended. Input type (PNP or NPN) is available upon request. A pre-divisor of input impulses can be set. The device has a relay controlled by two predefined limits. One (LIM1) includes the relay and the other (LIM2) switches it off when the display rises. It is possible to set a time delay to trigger the relay and to smooth the display. All parameters are stored in energy-independent memory.