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Electrical Magnetic Valve Control Unit STS 307
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Solar tracker control unit STS – 316

The STS316 block allows manual control of the track in the service. When the motor is rotated (manually or automatically), the device cuts off the power supply of the subsequent solar systems. This allows the use of a single power supply unit for several tracks.

In automatic mode, the control is done by the STS 410 / sensor, and in manual mode it is redirected to the front panel buttons. The mode is also selected by buttons on the front panel.
When powering, the system is set to automatic mode!
The panel has LEDs to indicate power supply (POWER), automatic mode, eastward movement, westward movement and ALARM. The ALARM LED lights up when one of the fuses on the main board is burned. The first fuse is for the sensor and motor included in the block and the second one for the next. This allows the maintenance of trekkers connected to the site of the accident. The LEDs on the circuit board signal exactly the interrupted fuse.
The connection of the block is carried out according to the applied diagram, using conductors with a minimum cross-section of 0.5 mm². For longer runs, it is recommended to increase the cross section to 1mm².

Technical data and connection schemes


Supply voltage: 20-30Vdc;
Own consumption: / no output included / <10mA;
Commutating element: relay – 5A;
Indication: LEDs
– presence of supply voltage – blue / front panel /;
– turning east – blue / front panel /;
– automatic mode – blue / front panel /;
– turning west – blue / front panel /;
– alarm / burnt fuse / – red / front panel /;
– burnt fuse 1 – red / main board /;
– burnt fuse 2 – red / main board /;
Electrical connection: screw terminals;
Mechanical connection: 4 through holes F4;
Dimensions: 120/80 (102) / 57 mm;
Material: ABS;
Working temperature range: -20 .. + 80 ° C.
Operating humidity: 0 .. 100% RH;
Degree of protection: IP65;
Storage conditions:
– temperature – -20 .. + 80 ° C
– humidity – 0 .. 80% RH


Блок за ръчно управление на соларен трекер STS - 316
Блок за ръчно управление на соларен трекер STS - 316


Блок за ръчно управление на соларен трекер STS - 316
Electronic devices are designed to operate in normal climatic conditions, in normal fire safety environments, with no fluids and gases aggressive to the material of the enclosure.