inductive sensor IS18
Capacitive sensor М18 – CD18
Μάρτιος 8, 2019
inductive sensor IS18
Capacitive sensor M18 – CA18
Μάρτιος 8, 2019

Capacitive sensor М30 – CD30

Capacitive sensor in cylindrical housing M30.

Technical parameters and connection schemes

Capacitive DC sensors – CD18x3xxL, CD30x3xxL, CD18x3xxCL, CD30x3xxCL

Two outputs – normally open and normally closed
It is triggered by metallic and non-metallic objects.
Adjustment of sensitivity with multi-turn trimer.
Operating status light.
Overvoltage protection at inductive load.
Overload and short circuit protection in the load.
Protection from back-up of the power supply.
Switch element transistor.

– Supply voltage 12 … 24 V (10 … 30 V) DC
-Driving distance
Sn CD18xx E-shielded 5mm / unshielded 8mm
CD30xx E-screened 10mm / unshielded 15mm
– Maximum switching current 250 mA
– Switching frequency 100 Hz
-Stage voltage <1.6 V
-A maximum current consumption of 20 mA
Insulation resistance> 10 MΩ / 500V
-Temperature of operation -10 … + 55 ° C
– Moisture RH 85%, without drop formation
Storage temperature -25 .. + 55 ° C, RH 85%
– Degree of protection IP 65
-Steel resistance 10 … 55 Hz Amplitude 1 mm
-Ultra resistance 49m / s2 (5g)
-Corp Material
CDx3x1L metal – brass – chrome plated
CDxx3x2L plastic – polyvinyl chloride – PVC
-Polyurethane PUR insulation
-Adjust cable 4×0.25 mm
The operating distance is changed depending on the material of the object. The electrically conductive materials are grounded.


Капацитивни датчици за постоянен ток
Капацитивни датчици за постоянен ток


Mounting to exclude the application of force on the housing, the active surface of the head or cable. The sensors should be fastened using the nuts supplied.
Attention! In the sensor head area, the allowable torque for tightening the nuts is reduced by half!
Allowable torque for metal housings – 40Nm.
Permissible tightening torque for plastic housings – 1.5Nm.